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Here we want to give you some tips about how you can participate in ‘skating safe’. Participating is easy.


  • You can start by always wearing your protective gear yourself
  • Talk to your friends, if you see they don’t wear protection. Tell them why you think it’s necessary to wear protection
  • Not only wear a helmet, wear it proplerly. Fasten your chin strap and make sure the strip is tight enough so it won’t come of.
  • See more tips on this page.

Downhill event organizers

  • Obligate the use of full face helmets
  • Obligate the use of back protectors


You set the example. Most brands are putting out videos to show their products and riders, so let your team riders always wear protective gear in videos.


It might sound harsh but stop publishing videos where riders don’t wear (at least) a helmet. Lots of people read/look at what is published on your site/in your magazine.

Helmet chart
Helmet Chart

 See what certification your helmet has on our Helmet Chart »»


Know your limits and do not endanger others with your riding.
– Tamara Prader

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