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10 Questions to… Wayne Gallipoli
NameWayne Gallipoli
AboutOwner Surf/Rodz
DisciplineSkateboard/street luge
LikesSkating, luge, snowboard, surfing, wakeboarding and playing with my kids
DislikesFalse friends and anyone who believes in free hand outs
Fun factThat I am an artist

1. Which helmet(s) do you wear ?

S-One Helmet Co

What protection do you use ?

Everything- leathers,pads,slide puck gloves, race helmet/standard helmet.

What safety precautions do you take when riding on open roads ?

Check all road conditions – and sometimes skate with others who spot for any cars.

Have you been into any serious accidents ? If so, did protection help you there ?

Yes – and yes the leathers/pads and helmets save me from serious pain.

What’s the best (safety) advice someone gave you ?

Skate smart… and know your skill level and your limitations.

Wayne Gallipoli in action

Have you ever refused to ride an event, because safety measures weren’t taken (enough) and if so why ?

A few outlaw events when there was no respect for safety and the road was way too busy with car traffic.

What changes would you like to see/propose in terms of safety regulations (during events) ?

That all skaters need to have a safety gear/board check before any major event. Also that skaters skill level is checked somehow.

What do you think of the current helmet policies from IGSA/IDF ?

As the sport grows so does product development…helmets in any sport will need to develop.

What do you think of introducing a motorcycle helmet policy on IGSA/IDF events ?

It’s all great- the key is to get helmet companies thinking about design and function with much more focus on projecting the user.

Is there something you would like to say about safety which hasn’t been addressed in the previous questions ?

Just hope younger skaters understand the skill level needed before racing down a hill….growing an industry is also about educating the user .

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