NamePatrick Switzer
AboutProducer of Greener Pastures film series
DisciplineDownhill skateboarding
LikesBacon, RV Life, Slack-lining, Photography
DislikesNot making flights, falling, rocks in my sandals
Fun factI steal airplane blankets

Which helmet(s) do you wear ?

Triple 8 Full-face and half-shell. Both dual certified.

What protection do you use?

NJK Leathers with BMW kneepads, Gform elbow, hip and butt pads built in. Rayne gloves, Triple 8 knee pads, Holesome pucks.

What safety precautions do you take when riding on open roads ?

Ride in my lane, be cautious of traffic on roads, slow down in intersections, communicate with other riders if safe or not, give vehicles the right of way, try to put myself in the shoes of the driver how they would react to a skateboarder.

Have you been into any serious accidents ? If so, did protection help you there ?

My leathers have saved me from serious injury countless times. Although I haven’t concussed myself, my helmet has saved me as well from multiple impacts. I have injured ligaments in both my knees due to hyperextension in crashes.

What’s the best (safety) advice someone gave you ?

Race smart, not fast.

Have you ever refused to ride an event, because safety measures weren’t taken (enough) and if so why ?

I have spoken up to organizers multiple times about safety issues. These issues are generally promptly dealt with.

What changes would you like to see/propose in terms of safety regulations (during events) ?

I’d like organizers to talk to riders more and see how the track is from their perspective and what could be changed. Communication overall.

What do you think of the current helmet policies from IGSA/IDF ?

IGSA took a stand on certified helmets. IDF allows any helmet even if they fly off your head.

What do you think of introducing a motorcycle helmet policy on IGSA/IDF events ?

Wont happen. Moto helmets for the most part are too heavy with reduced visability. They are not ideal for our sport.

Is there something you would like to say about safety which hasn’t been addressed in the previous questions ?

I’d like to see more clinics that focused on educating riders on safe riding practices and how to work together as a community to teach and enforce safe practices.

Image Source: https://rayne.com/interview-with-patrick-switzer

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